Best sale (!!!) looks



Hello my friends,

here are my favorite Looks for the summer or the most loved Outfits by you on instagram. Maybe you can get some Inspiration and like to shop one of the pieces, because many of them are now on sale, so hurry up.



Shop my outfit

           Dress- by Shein, now 40% sale  ( here )

shoes- JuteLaune ( on sale )


 shoes- Birkenstock

dress- similar here

Sweater- here

Jewellery by Tembi Jewellery , here




Shop the dress via Shein in sale!! Here

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  1. Dani_Nanaa sagt:

    Tolle Looks Liebes.
    Den Rückenausschnitt finde ich besonders nice. 🙂

    LG Dani


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