Ethno look & skirt



welche Stadt ist die schönste in Deutschland? Hamburg, München oder doch Berlin. Nein, natürlich nicht, Hannover. In der Altstadt von Hannover sind auch diese Bilder entstanden. Ich weiß ich habe in letzter Zeit die englischen Texte versäumt. Sorry for that guys! Ab jetzt geht es wieder los. Ich wusste nicht, dass es vielen so wichtig ist und wer keine Lust auf den englischen Text hat, der kann einfach die Bilder ansehen zum ethno look. Also scrollt durch ihr lieben und habt einen schönen Sonntag.





Hello friends,


As I promised you from now on more texts in English. I`m so sorry that I have forgotten it for so many days. So today on more ethno look. I`m wearing an knit cardigan from Zara with this black and white mix.

Could you imagine where I took the photos? In Berlin, Munich or Hamburg? No sorry, wrong guys. It`s in the wonderful city Hanover. So they are many fashionable people not just in the big cities, but in the smaller towns, too.

Now to my look. I´m sure that you are already bored about my all times ethno looks… I´m too. But its so cozy and at the moment its still so cold in Germany in the mornings when I´m up on my bicycle to catch the train in time.. The book- style is still a hot topic for the spring and summer `16 and I must confess that I´m really happy and glade about that. At the moment wearing a skirt with this overknee socks is my absolute favorite one. It´s so casual and perfect for everyday´s situations. The bag is from Liebeskind berlin, but it´s an really old model. I bought it years ago, when the brand wasn´t that famous. So how do you like the look? And have a great sunday and a good start into the new week, friends!



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